• Bastion Saint Anne or Saint Agathe

  • Built in the 17th century

  • In its angle is a watch-turret, covered by a domed roof of stone

Built during the Thirty Years' War (1637) this stronghold, like Tour Renard, formed part of the eastern defences. It enabled a direct line-of-sight watch over the Route de Seurre and threats coming from the plain, where the Saone formed the frontier between the French kingdom and the Holy Roman Empire until 1678. Thus the guard saw the arrival in 1569 of the 40,000 Germans answering Condé's call, and then in 1636 the army led by Gallas that ravaged, pillaged and set fire to the faubourgs.

It is said to be named Saint Agathe in honour of the patron saint of the day when it was taken back from the Catholic Leaguers in 1595.

In its angle, on the boulevard side, there is a watch-turret, covered by a domed roof of stone.

As part of our guided tours, you can have the privilege of entering the bastion.

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